Introduction of Our Technology

Pure BLACK is a new type of ceramics,
one of the 21st-century new materials.

1. Summary of Pure BLACK

Pure BLACK is the name for a new type of material (ceramics), independently developed by our company.

Pure BLACK is quite an environment-friendly and ecological material, which has passed safety tests executed by various inspection organizations. We have been successful in creating a product which releases high numerical values of both radiance and emissivity in a wavelength range of 7µ to 12µ, which are known to exert beneficial effects on human body.
Given such features, the product has become the nucleus of a "Hiroshi-kun Series" of applied products.

In addition, it has been validated that the product shows a high capability in the significant field of heat release including heat sink, so that it has started to be adopted by corporations as a material contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions as a solution to their urgent issue.

In the process of validating its heat-radiation capacity, its electromagnetic shield effect (noise reduction, etc.) in electronic equipment was newly found out, and therefore, expanded application and development of such a feature is now going on.

We have acquired INCI code for Pure BLACK from the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA).

(Updated on March 30, 2009)

2. Technological Details of Pure BLACK

Characteristic Far Infrared Radiation measured with Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer

Measurement of Infrared Radiation

  1. Measuring body: NSG Techno-Research Co., Ltd.
  2. Measuring condition: 40 degrees Celsius
  3. Pure BLACK's particle size: 3µ
  4. Film thickness: 3µ
  5. Color: Black
  6. Measured data
    Radiation spectrumRadiance spectrum

  7. Description of the Data: The specific wavelength possessed by human body is said to be a range of 7 to 12µ.

    Researches in universities prove that irradiation of a ray of light in the said wavelength range causes a resonance in the body cells, resulting in increase in bodily temperature, improvement of blood circulation and status of red blood cells, and suppression of the growth of cancer cells.

Shapes of the Product to be Offered

Solid form:
Any shape can be produced upon request.
Powder form:
Composite crystals of a range of 1 to 200μ showing a normal distribution can be produced.
※Please make an inquiry about the properties, since they differ by their types.


  1. Single dose toxicity limit test at Rabiton Co., Ltd.
  2. Cavity mucous-membrane irritation test on hamsters at Rabiton Co., Ltd.
  3. Measurement of the radioactivity concentration in the product at RAD SAFE TECHNICAL SERVICE COMPANY LTD.
  4. Conformance test of the product as cosmetic materials at Japan Food Research Laboratory Safety of the product has been confirmed by all these tests.


The ingredients are mainly Si-based ones.

Proven Effects

  1. Proliferation of animal and plant cells
  2. Healing of wounds of skin, etc.
  3. Increase in adrenaline
  4. Inhibition of the growth of cancer cells (including apoptosis)
  5. Heat liberation
  6. Improvement of water quality
  7. Deodorization
  8. Adsorption and decomposition
  9. Maturation
  10. Preventing of the release of calcium ions
  11. Warming (increase in blood flow)
  12. Energy climbing efficiency (20~30%)
    ※Ignition residue is around 85% at the temperature of 600°C.
  13. Electromagnetic shielding


Cosmetics, medical supplies, health‐care equipment, medical devices, housing and facility equipment, automobiles, shipbuilding, agriculture, chemistry, fishery, hatchery, electrical machinery, semiconductors, textile (fiber), general merchandise, every type of engines, and fresh water generation


  1. Printing and foaming on various types of textile
  2. Inorganic paint (Resistance against high temperature can also be realized in the specifications.)
    Painting various types of materials with organic paint blended to your taste with our product
  3. Foaming with urethane, rubber and others
3. Detailed information on our acquired INCI Code

We have obtained INCI code for Pure BLACK from Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA).

The trade name obtained is "Pure Black".

Registered Information is as shown in the following table:

International Nomenclature Committee Information

Anticipated Review Date:
Mineral Based
Trade Name:
Pure Black
Suggested INCI Name:
Pure Black ceramics powder
CAS Number:
EINECS Number:
ELINCS Number:
Chemical Synonyms:
Composition Statement:
Clay; Titanium Dioxide; Iron Oxide; Lignin; Water; Sawdust
Manufacturing Method:
The materials(Clay, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Lignin, Sawdust) are mixed, and water is added, temper, dries, calcinates, grinds.
Solvents or Diluents:
Antiacne Agents, Antidandruff Agents, Antioxidants, Cosmetic Astringents, Deodorant Agents, Oral Care Agents, Skin Protections, Surfactants – Cleansing Agents, Ultraviolet Light Absorvers
Other Function:
Empirical Formula:
Chemical Structure:


  • We have acquired a patent for prevention of falling asleep.
  • We have acquired a patent for prevention of falling asleep.
  • We have acquired a patent for prevention of falling asleep.