Photon Beauty

You can easily have a photon treatment very popular as one of the beauty salon treatments with this handy Photon Beauty.

Photon Beauty
Product name Photon Beauty
Model No. SD-956 IR
JAN code 4562132670415
Used rays Red light and infrared light
Power source AC adaptor (100V)
Explanatory note We use 660nm of visible ray and 850nm of invisible ray.
For people who worry about wrinkles and blemishes.
Recommended retail price 37,800 yen (including tax)
Photon Beauty
Product name Photon Beauty
Model No. SD-956 R
JAN code 4562132670422
Used rays Red light
Power source AC adaptor (100V)
Explanatory note We use red light.
This product is recommended for use to people who worry about sunburn or skin dullness.
Recommended retail price 37,800 yen (including tax)

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Get perfect skin with LED light.

We have developed this facial massager by making united use of a leading-edge LED technology and the most-advanced technology of beauty salons.
Photon Beauty, an LED-light facial massager quite popular in Europe and the U.S., has finally entered the Japanese market.

Photon Beauty has obtained the authentications below.

  • N46001: UK Standard for Medical Devices
  • MDD: Medical Devices Directive
  • USA/FDA 510K: Food and Drug Administration Administration and Control 510K
  • USA/FDA: Food and Drug Administration
  • GMP: Food and Drug Administration Good Manufacturing Practice
  • CE MARK: European Economic Area cooperative market authentication
  • EMC: Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Standards for Human Body
  • UL/CSA: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and Canadian Standards Association
  • Technische Überwachungsvereine (Technical Inspections Organizations)

Full-scale Photon esthetic treatment makes your skin refreshed.

Photon (lightwave) which varies depending on your needs can directly deal with your skin problems.
No need of gel or jelly makes you easily enjoy full-scale photon esthetic treatment at home.

Ten times stronger light wave power!! The effects of light power.

LED Photon Power as an expression of leading-edge technology of cosmetic medicine.
This is an ideal LED-light facial massager recommended for use to women who worry about skin troubles such as blemish, wrinkles, acne scars.

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