Silky Knee Support

The product with Pure BLACK's hyperthermal effect and its silky soft touch supports your knee comfortably.
People suffering from knee ache are recommended to use this product.

Silky Knee Support
Product name Silky Knee Support
Product No. SP-N06
JAN code 4562132670569
Size Free
Color Beige
Material Silk, polyester, polyurethane, and nylon
Recommended retail price 6,900 yen (including tax)

The Support with Pure BLACK printed over the back surface warmly wraps your knee with a hyperthermal effect.

Pure BLACK printed over the back surface gently warms your knee.

Upon putting the Support on, you will actually sense the hyperthermal effect of Pure BLACK.
Please try it on, if you suffer from sensitivity to cold temperatures or swollen feet.

High-quality texture of domestically produced silk

"Domestically-produced silk" is used as one of the components.
Moisture-absorption and air-permeability characteristics of the material enables your long-hour wear of it with comfort.

Increased adrenaline secretion puts the body into an active mode, preventing you from snoozing.

"Pure BLACK" has acquired a patent for the function of prevention of snoozing.

It was clarified through the research conducted by University of Tokushima that characteristic far infrared rays emitted by our Pure BLACK-applied products raise both adrenalin and noradrenalin levels, thereby putting the body in a more active mode (fight or flight mode).

They are highly effective for the types of work requiring concentration of mind and sports.

Graph related to the article on prevention of falling asleep. The data obtained in the research conducted by University of Tokushima
The data related to increase in adrenaline level obtained in the research conducted by University of Tokushima
(Graduate School of Health Bioscience, University of Tokushima)

Hiroshi-kun's favorite material: Pure BLACK

Pure BLACKPlease click here for more details on Pure BLACK.
Hiroshi-kun, who never compromises, has been engaged in research and development on this over a long period of time. As the result of his tenacious pursuit of a safer and higher-level characteristic far infrared ray technology, he has been successful in independently creating a new material, Pure BLACK.